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Please understand that by taking appropriate precautions to contain Covid-19 infections, you may experience bottlenecks and longer waiting times in the video call center of our partner WebID Solutions.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Austrian citizens:
If you already own a “Handy-Signatur” and register with xIDENTITY using the same phone number, the certificate of your existing “Handy-Signatur” will be revoked and a new certificate issued for xIDENTITY. You will not be able to use Austrian eGovernment services such as FinanzOnline etc.!

Christoph Schomberg explains the registration process in the following video:
(Available w/ English subtitles)

XiTrust HowTo: Digitale Identität mit xIDENTITY

Everything you need to know about xIDENTITY can be found in our FAQs.