Xign Up API

The first step in order to use xIDENTITY is the registration. With the help of Xign Up API you can easily integrate the xIDENTITY registration into your existing processes and alternate it the way you need it. In the course of the registration process the users identity needs to be verified via video-identification to receive a qualified certificate* which is valid for 5 years.


*The video-identification and the certification are processes which are operated by our partners WebID Solutions GmbH and A-Trust GmbH. It is not possible to change the design or procedure of these processes.

Via video-identification to your xIDENTITY – with Xign Up API you can easily integrate the registration process into your existing services.

Auth API

Nowadays there are a lot of possibilities for identification and authentication on the Internet, however only a few are secure.

With the Auth API you can integrate a process which guarantees security through the two-factor-authentication where xIDENTITY is used as digital identity. That way you can protect yourself and your customers from abuse of your services with a false identity.

One possibility to use the Auth API:
Maximum security login – for you and your customers!

Sign API

With xIDENTITY you can put a legally valid signature on a document via remote signature. This qualified electronic signature is legally equivalent to the handwritten signature (eIDAS-regulation) and is recognized in all Member States of the European Union.

Sign API allows you to integrate this process into existing systems like ERP-systems (e.g. SAP), document-management-systems (e.g. SharePoint) and hospital-information-systems (KIS) or into Online-Services like the digital signing of buying- or leasing-contracts.

Integrate the legally valid signing of documents into existing processes – with the Sign API.


If you are interested in the xIDENTITY developer-tools or want to try out the APIs feel free to contact us – we are there for you!


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