Digital Identity – Qualified Remote Signature.

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Xign up.

An ID, a mobile phone.
Internet access with webcam.

In order to eligibly sign a document using the qualified elecktronic signature, you need an unique digital identity that is only associated with you. Simply complete the form at Xign up. You will then be connected to a trained call center agent of our partner WebID Solutions. Your personal data will be verified in a video-ident process. You will need a computer with a camera, your mobile phone and a valid ID. After a successful identification you can set your personal signature password. Congratulations! Now you can eligibly sign any document via mobile remote signature.

Signing (QES).

Upload a PDF document.
Sign with digital signature.
Process further electronically.

Now you can log in with your personal account at MyXidentity. In order to log in, you will receive a TAN via SMS to identify yourself. At this point you can upload the document you want to sign. You will receive a second TAN for the signing process. Enter it into the provided form and sign with the click of your mouse! You can now download the signed document – which is now legally valid – or immediately forward it via e-mail.


Xperience together.

With the help of three different interfaces – Xign Up API, Auth API and Sign API – you can easily integrate the xIDENTITY Signing into your existing processes and services. The interfaces can be used to directly integrate the registration via video-identification, the secure authentication or the qualified electronic signing via remote signature.

Just one more small step to your digital identity